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Hello Mr. Halesh,

After completing this training now I feel that it is much easier to pass the PMP certification. The confidence what I have now it is only because of your training. From that training session I have learned the techniques, many tips to sort out the right answers and also now able to analyze the questions. I hope your deep knowledge and lesson will help me to be certified pretty soon.

Thanks you for your help and time, Please keep in touch with me

Best regards,
- Ahammad Akbar Khan

Hello Mr. Halesh,

I remain grateful for the sessions of PMP training that you provided. I really enjoyed the steps you took to ensure that all aspects of PMBOK, especially the Earned Value Management problems were made simple. PMBOK sequence is to me a standard management application process suitable for all projects, therefore a PMP should be competent enough to apply the PMBOK to most project types

Thank you once again, and I will be in touch with you often

- Essentia Essien


Hi sam how are you? this is mulunesh one of your QA students. so I would like to give some comments based on my instructor(vidya)

She was very excited and eager to teach. She creates examples that help us tremendously with our QA skills.She has so much energy and excitement for this course that makes us want to try harder and has succeeded in making us friends. I would insist any friend of mine take this course provided as she is the instructor. thank u


I would like to inform you we have finished with our QA classes on Monday (Aug 5th,2013).

Vidya is well versed in her subject and was able to impart that knowledge to us comprehensively which will in turn help me in future where ever I shall be working. She was extremely dependable as a teacher , very insightful when it came to questions and extremely patient; a trait that very much appreciated. She made sure we understood the subject and sometimes went over a portion if we did not understand it well or had questions ( for eg the start of Automation was tough for me so she went over the subject with me).

She made sure we did our lab work and took tests to know how much we understood about the subject. She is dedicated to her subject and her students which made for a very good teacher. 

She was very accommodating in schedules and was helpful when ever I needed a catch up lesson.

The class recordings are so helpful that sometimes just going over the recorded sessions itself clears up doubts.

Vidya also gave me tips and tricks that would help me in future. I am glad I got her as teacher and I am glad Crescent has an excellent teacher on their roster. If I ever wanted a refresher class or to update my skill set I would come back to Crescent.

Thanks very much
- Hema


I recently completed the last session of my SAP BO training. I would like to say thank you to Suresh my course instructor for his time and professionalism in administering this course. I feel that I have learned a lot during this short period and still have such a long way to go before I become an expert. That being said I do believe I have a good footing and better that adequate experience as well as understanding than what I did prior to beginning this course.

I do believe this course has been well worth the investment if only for the exposure to applications I would not normally have been privy to in a real world setting. I am now looking forward to continuing my knowledge and improving my skills SAP BO and other SAP modules in the future.

Thank you, Suresh and Crescent team for a job well done.

Dear Sreenivas,

Thank you for your valuable time to help me get knowledge of these technologies and for explaining every course content in a nice way. I received your expert teaching experience up to completion of the course. I thanks Crescent also for providing me your services. Your services really made lots of difference.

Thank you & Wish you all the best!
- Narinder Pal

Dear Crescent IT solution,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for I gain excellent knowledge on Oracle PL/sql from Crescent IT Solution. I will never forget my teacher Mr. Dinesh for his method of teaching, approach, clarification really special to me and show me the path/way to success and lead my career through this subject. I specially loved how he always related to the lessons to the real life example

Thank you: Crescent IT solution,
Thank you: Mr. Dinesh

Last not least even though the class for Oracle end today, I would like to go extra miles with Crescent It solution. I appreciate more than you ever know.

- Mekonnen Senbeta, Washington,DC


I was enrolled in QA classes on 07/03/2013 and i was finished the course contained Manual Testing, QTP and Quality Center and classes were Taken by Ms.Vidya.

Crescent IT solutions are provided the software and real time projects which helps every starter in software field like me. thanks to Crescent.

My tutor is Vidya, She is experienced and professional tutor, she is having outstanding knowledge on the Manual and Automation, her way of teaching is very nice and clear.

Once again Thanks to Crescent Team for offering best tutoring in QA.

Thank you,
- Regards, Venkata R Gutta


This is to inform you that my FICO sessions are completed. Initially I had a little hesitancy in taking up the online classes, but after the training I realized it’s a wise decision. Shanti I must confess is a good  trainer and has a vast knowledge and experience in this field. I am glad that I had an opportunity to attend his training to enhance my skills. I would definitely refer my friends to Crescent IT Solutions more especially to Shanti’s class. Attached is my resume and references. Hoping to hear from you soon.

- Lambert Lekettey

I would like to let you know that, QA training is over, Feedback about Vidya :

She is a very nice trainer . She helped me a lot and clarified my doubts about Testing in software. She had covered the QA concepts very thoroughly and provided valuable guidance. I'm glad that I've taken this training from her. Thank you Vidya and CresentIT Solutions.
- Leela

Hi Santosh, How are you? 

Sorry for the late response as I was busy with some work and could not respond right away as I did want to share my experience.
I would like to take this opportunity to thankyou for you time and efforts.  I did find your teachings very practical and well planned.
The links and subjects matter material you provided are very good. 
I enjoyed learning from you as you are a thorough professional, punctual and very a subject matter expert.  I have certainly increased my knowledge.
My experience was very productive, intellectual and my graph of my DBA has increased after attending the course with you. I have observed that you take joy in teaching.  It was a pleasure to tap into your knowledge.
I am going to start preparing for certification exams an hoping for your continuing support.
Looking forward to share and learn more from you in my future endeavors in the field of Oracle DBA.
Once again thank you very much for your time and efforts. All the very best and continue to do the good work "TEACH" you do.

- Pravin Jadhav

Hi Sam,

The QA training has been completed today. I would like to thank you and your supporting team for your generous help. The special thanks goes to the trainer Kishore for his effort and providing all the materials and valuable guidance. Hope that will help in the future.

Thank you
With best regards,
- Shahisnu


I would like to let you know that, QA training is over. and Vidya helped a lot to understand SDLC,STLC ,manual and automation concepts. I felt Completely comfortable with the way she proceeded the classes. Thank you Vidya and CresentIT Solutions.
- kamala

Dear Sir,

I write to inform you that the oracle HRMS training sessions are completed by Mr.Rao.
I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Mr.Rao for taking me through the Oracle HRMS module. I also thank the support desk for the timely support provided to me when ever I needed it.
I would like to know if I can access the training server for some more time.
Kind regards,
- Froid Mendez

Hi Ajay,

My Training Classes are completed yesterday. One class about BO4.0 remaining, once the system is available he will show that one. His teaching is good. Lot of people knows subject but Kalyan know how to teach exactly. He is good. I will talk to you once I am ready.
- Venkat.

Hello Crescent ITs,

This mail is to notify you that, the Syllabus for the PL-SQL is finished today by the instructor Mr. P. Dinesh. I thank the Crescent IT for providing such an efficient SQL instructor. Keep it up Dinesh .. I thoroughly enjoyed all your classes and also your punctuality during the training.
Best regards,
Yours sincerely,
- Narasimhulu KV


This is to intimate my FICO sessions are completed. Initially I had a little hesitancy in taking up the online classes, but after the training I realized its a wise decision. I have even taken this training in India too, but I would say suman is the best trainer and has a vast knowledge and experience in this field. I am glad that I had an opportunity to attend his training and enhance my skills. I would definitely refer my friends and insist them to attend Suman training session.
- Lakshmi


Our SAP FICO training has been completed tonight. Just wanted to thank Suman, he was a wonderful trainer. Always helpful and explained the lessons in detail. I was very comfortable in speaking with him and discussing issues
Thank you again ,
- Shagufta


The training for Informatica is completed and it was really good and informative. I really appreciate the trainer who took personal interest in everyone and he always made sure that everyone understood the concepts of each session. Thanks!
- Sai Swaroopa

Hi, Sam

I just want to inform you that today is the last day of my (SAP SD) training session. I am excited that I accomplished my training. It's a pleasure to working with you guys.
Thank you ,
- Arifa Shahid

Hello Crescent,

Just wanted to drop a note on Dinesh's pl/sql training. Overall, the course execution is quite good. He had covered many topics very thoroughly and provided valuable guidance. I'm glad that I've taken this training from him
- Vasavi

This is to confirm that training for SAP FI/CO is completed officialy. This give me real confidence after getting trained under mentor like Suman Sir who have acquired solid knowledge and understanding of SAP not only with FI/CO but with other functional modules and ABAP knowlege. Thanks once more time to Crescent IT team members and others who have helped me through this training process..
- Hiren Patel

I want to thank Suresh for sharing and doing a great job imparting his knowledge of Universe Designer, Business Objects(WEBI), Crystal and Xcelsius.
- Ivan , Ivan Sacoto, PMP, STEP BI PMO, Wolters Kluwer GSS BI

My QA training was completed by Mr. Srinivas. Srinivas, Thanks for completing the training in a very professional way. I would like to "Thank You" for all your help and support throughout the training. The material is very effective and will help me in the future as well. The course has expanded my knowledge in QA concepts and hope, it will help me advance my career in the IT field.

- Reshma

Just wanted to inform you that Vidya is a great trainer. She truly represents her name :). Some concepts I knew but was not good at them, She has not only made them very clear but also explained in a way that it will be easy to remember. Great way of teaching. Thank you Cathy, If she is my trainer I am sure I will have no problems securing employment.

Thank you so much ,
- Puja

Thank you so much Avishek, crescent it team, help desk and every one who have helped us. U guys are best and I had a wonderful time with you guys. Each and every aspect of the training was informative, helpful and the training helped us grow. Thank you so much

Thank you so much ,
- Arpit

Hi Avishek ,

It was great working with you these last few weeks.  You made the material a lot easy to understand.  I would highly recommend you to a friend.  The way you taught for the last few weeks will help us in a long run.  As  today was the last day of our training, I would like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your help & support through out this training session.  Have an awesome day ahead!!  :))


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to thank Suresh for the fine job he did in the SAP BO training course.  
He is very knowledgeable in all aspects that were presented in the training class.  Suresh is very patient and understanding with all those in the class.  The training material was very good and it will be of great use in my future.
I would highly recommend others in taking this class.  In fact, I have already done so and a co-worker will be taking it next month.

Thank you,
-Bennie Mitchell

Hello Suresh,

Today I have completed my training in SAP BO . Initially I was reluctant about this online course.Once I joined the course, I feel this is the good way to gain the knowledge when you are sitting so far and cant be present physically in the class.I am really thankful to you for sharing the knowledge base of SAP BO. Thank you so much.

Harry : My trainer Suresh is a wonderful trainer.He has very deep knowledge of this subject.He always want to give his Best during the training rather he gave the best. He is an excellant trainer.I learnt a lot within a short span of 3 weeks or so. I feel very surprised that I have completed the whole course content.

- Neha Pachouri

The QA training course has been completed by trainer Kishore. He covered all topics extensively and also topics which were not mentioned in the syllabus. This helped in gaining in-depth knowledge on QA Testing.  He also provided interview questions on each topic which would be very useful for us. The training provided by him was good and effective in understanding QA testing concepts

- Leena

Thank you Avishek for taking time out to share your skills and experiences as a BA with me over the course of the training. I have learnt some much and hopefully this skills would start me off in a wonderful BA career

- Morin Akinduro

Vijay, I like your approach very much and training was top notch on Remote sessions. I hope to be guided by you in future endeavors and feel lucky to have had you as my instructor.

- Gautham

Support People , My name is Michael Lynn, student of your SAP Business Objects, and have just a few more classes left. My teacher Mr. Kaylan is excellent. I would like to be a reference for your company if needed! Thanks to your company, and your teacher, I have a strong understanding of SAP BO, and would like to demonstrate such.

- Michael Lynn

Hello Harry and Pretty, I am done with my course of java and J2EE ,well covered and completed by shiva. It was a gain full experience well thought by shiva

- Rini Pandey

Dear Shiva...I just wanted to share a moment with you and give you my background...I went over the problems for StringDemo(1 through 9) with Rama after class and then Kavitha was expecting my call...I called her and we talked on phone went line by line with String and I felt extremely happy as she said in quotes "I am feeling very happy" meaning she is understanding complex loops and all after I told her to write it on paper and pencil (sometiems helps)...I wanted to share this moment with you because without your knowledge and style of explanation it would make it difficult for me to understand java so thank you again for your patience and passing knowledge onto us....I am also used to workign with students as I currently work as a professor of Mechanical Engineering at California State University, is my homepage...******.html I teach a numerical methods course for engineers where we program in Matlab and VBA (visual basic) to solve equations which are difficult to solve via hand calculations...I do hope after our course is over you can guide and help me in makign my way through the Software World...thank you again for everything.

hey Shiva...sorry for the long message lol but sometimes just like to express my feeling and really want to learn Java up to advanced level so thanks again

- Manish narayan

I took Java/J2EE Training last month and I got a full time job in Cap Gemini. I really thank Crescent IT Solutions, and in particular to my Instructor Mr. Shiva. He really helped me a lot. In the class, he was an excellent instructor. I felt his method of teaching was simply great. He used to clear all the doubts. I know i disturbed him many times through my email when he was into his job but still he used to reply me at earliest. He is gem of a person. I will refer Crescent IT Solutions to any of my friends as the best place for Online Training (particularly if you are thinking to take SAP training. Thanks

- Imtiaz Mohammad Ali, New Jersey.

"It has been an excellent QA learning experience for me at your company for the last few weeks. I sincerely thank you and QA Instructor Mr.Naresh in particular for all the good work."

- Jigarsoni, California

I was part of your SAP FICO class during the Nov-Dec period and would like to inform that I successfully completed SAP Financial accounting certification last week with a score of 80%. I would like to thank Praneeth(My FICO instructor ) for helping me to achieve a major leap in my career.

- Sonali Panda, San Josen

Your class was good and understanding. I got almost things. And i have one suggestion for you send the recordings itself after the class. So students can go through it before the next class. Please don't take it in the wrong way. Thanks for your support and everything..Special Thanks for helpdesk team and support team

- Anju Jose

Hi Team, Thanks for the Excellent training and commitment towards your students, Thanks Praneeth(My Trainer). It has been a great learning experience to gain significantly from his expertise. The knowledge and the patience he has is commendable and I look forward to stay in touch with him. All in all, a great experience and I am really thankful to your support.

- Sahil Malik, Maryland

"SAS Instructor was a very effective communicator. Everything from technical issues, and materials were made crystal clear.

- Greg, Los Vegas

I would like to inform Crescent IT Solutions that my Core DBA training was taught and completed in a very professional way by Mr Srinivas on time. It was completed very much in advance than as it was planned. All the course topics were completed. Mr Srinivas is HIGHLY TALENTED professional and has lot of knowledge in Core DBA topics. He is very criative in getting help from Google and answers my questions. I received very good notes on every top he covered. I can refer Crescent IT Solutions, to some of my close friends who wants DBA training. I am interested to learn in APPS DBA course and advanced topics from Crescentit verysoon.

- Satyam Jandhyala

I was a student in SAP PI, and am writing to say how great the SAP PI instructor is. He took time to make sure we received out money's worth. He went over the topics in details and made sure to go over them step by step and slowly till we were comfortable enough with it. He also was there for us day and night during the week for any questions and got back to us in a timely matter. I will definitely tell anyone that has interest in the class to use request him as the instructor. Thank you for this opportunity and allowing me to advance my career path.

- Marina George, Houston

Hi Crescent Team, I wanted to take this opportunity again to say thanks for teaching me the SAP MDM course. It has helped push my career path a step up.

- Sudheer, San Francisco

This is to let you know the completion of QA course conducted by Mr. Naresh Babu (on June 9 2011). Thanks to you, your team for the support and Mr. Naresh Babu for the classes.

- Brgds,Rathina Priya Mahesh Kumar

I just got certified on SAP XI. I personally thank Crescent IT Solutions helpdesk mrs Preeti and Support team for taking personnel care to my concerns. I specially thank my instructor for providing his sound SAP XI knowledge with good teaching ability, his practical approach, enormous patience to solve interface problems, and rounding up with his valuable documentation which was main source for my success. Thanks

- Khaliah D Shines, South Carolina

Hi Crescent Team…I was very happy to inform that I was settled in my new career which was my dream. Before taking the BA course I was really worried if a 40year old lady and who was new to IT field can ever sustain in this competitive world.You people made my dream come true. Many thanks to my trainer Mr Avishek and my recruiter Mr Prem who helped me during this process. I just wanted to extend my gesture and thank you for your help and guidance during my learning and Marketing phase. I wouldn't have done it without your mentorship.

- Jayasri Santhappan,